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Umm..Where is my Plan?

In your TrainingPeaks athlete account.

  1. Buy your Gravel God Cycling Training Plan.
  2. Login to your TrainingPeaks athlete account.
  3. From the Calendar view, click your training plan library, which is the second icon down on the left hand side of your browser window.
  4. A pane expands. Your Gravel God Cycling training plan will appear in the pane.
  5. Click the plan, and choose a start/end date.
  6. Select apply.  The training plan’s workouts will populate on your TrainingPeaks calendar. 

When Can I start my training plan?

It depends.

  • Is your training plan designed to finish on your goal event? Then when applying the plan from the training plan library, end the plan on your event date.
  • Is your training plan general preparation for a Gravel Event?  Start the plan on the next available Monday – Every plan ‘week’ is Monday-Sunday.  You can adjust your plan for an event as you sign up for them.

IF something happens, can I pause a training plan?


Life happens. If you pick up an injury, work gets wild, or something else comes up, you can pauses/restart your training plan.  Here are the rules of thumb:

  • Did you take 1-2 weeks off? Move your workouts forward, starting with the week before the last week you finished.
  • Did you take 2-4 Weeks off? Email me.  I’ll help you.
  • Did you take more than a month off and still want to do your event? Email me.

What should I do if I skip a workout?

Move a workout TrainingPeaks

It depends.

  • 1-3 days missed – Happens to everyone.  Don’t make it up, act like it never happened, and follow the plan. 
  • 3-7 days missed – Redo the week by moving the workouts.

Sidebar – Progression requires consistency. If you’re regularly missing workouts, reevaluate your schedule and create a better routine that decreases the chances of missing a workout.

Sidebar 2 – Avoid ‘Weekend warrior syndrome.’ e.g. Missing 2-3 workouts during the week and then trying to do them ALL on the weekend. It doesn’t work. 

How many times can I apply the plan?

As Many Times as you want.

Once you purchase a Gravel God Cycling training plan, you can apply it next year, the year after that, – go wild.

“Wait, so I never need to purchase another training plan again?”

If you want to basically nail your fitness, yes.  But to maximize your fitness, a training plan needs to change every year because you change.  You’ll get injured, older, more committed, or yes, hopefully just fitter and the formula that worked in the past won’t be ideal in the future. 

That’s one of the many reasons why coaching exists.

Can I print/receive a hard copy of the plan?

Print TrainingPeaks training plan

If you want, but it ain't pretty.

Honestly, the training plan works best on the TrainingPeaks app for phone, tablet, and computer. You can even receive your daily workouts emailed to you (do this in your account settings).

But yep, you can print it.  Here’s how:

  1. When viewing your training plan (in your TrainingPeaks calendar).
  2. Choose Print from your internet browser File menu.
  3. It’ll print what’s on your screen at that time, which is normally 2-3 weeks training at a time.
  4. Scroll through the calendar and press Print (or export to PDF) until you have the whole training plan.

Do I need TrainingPeaks Premium to use the plan?


You don’t need TrainingPeaks Premium to use a Gravel God Cycling plan – you can use a basic free TrainingPeaks account and follow the workouts just fine.  

“But what am I missing out on?”

  • Ability to move workouts around in the future.
  • Workout analysis.
  • Access to the Performance Management Chart.
  • Access to Peak Performances. 

“Should I get it though?”

Are you a data nerd? Pony up then! If not, save your $.

Can you recommend a plan for me?

Training Plan recommendation

Nope! You're on your own.

Just kidding. Of course I’ll help you.  Hit me up.

Since I bought your training plan am I now your coach?


Don’t get me wrong, I’m here if you need clarification on the training plan, but training plans and coaching are two different things. 

Training Plans – I hand you a map to your destination and it’s up to you to get there.

Coaching – We take a journey together.

Will the training plan workouts export to Zwift/Device?


All training plans contain structured workouts.  You can export them to your device (with some limitations) and Zwift (or almost any virtual platform) to execute. 

Not sure how? TrainingPeaks can help