What Do?

The Tour of the Gila Criterium – the only stage Silver City cares about.

What Was It Like?

A cafe ride over a minefield that escalated into desperate tail-gunning and road rash.



~Me, to Tony Oslo every morning when I heard him open his door. My favorite coffee is called El Triumfo, which, as you may have guessed, is Spanish for ‘the triumph.’  


So, context. We watched Top Gun, Maverick the night before the crit, and I found it so inspiring and hilarious that I wrote down the best one-liners from the film and posted it to my stem, promising to ride up to each of the boyz during the crit and say something to them:


“Captain York, You’re where you belong.”

~Me, to Henry in the Crit.


“What are you going to tell their parents?”

~Me, to Cole in the crit.


“There’s still time.”

~Me, to Alex, in the crit.


“It’s time to let go.”

~Me, to myself.


“Don’t think, just do.” 

~Me, to Ethan, in the crit.


“It’s not the rider, it’s the bike.”

~Me, to every rider in front of me who kept braking through the 90-degree swooping left-hand turn on the crit course.


“This is your savior speaking.”

~Tony, to me, after saving my ass in the mechanical pit twice.


“Hey Matti?”


“I see you’ve made some vegetables with dinner.”


“Alright then, I’m just going to go ahead and order a pizza instead.”

~Tony Olson, vegetable bigot.


“What are you doing with my globe? Put it back. Put it back immediately. What is wrong with you? Between you and the kids, everyone is always trying to steal it.”

~The owner of the Silver City Book shop, in a distinct New York accent, who left an unmarked Earth Globe beach ball in the children’s section of his bookstore (amid piles of books that made his store almost un-walkable), which apparently no one is allowed to touch. I put the Bill Bryson book I planned on buying back and didn’t say goodbye.


“Stay in nodding terms with the person you used to be.”

~A sign in Silver City.


(Whisper whisper whisper giggle whisper giggle whisper)

~The entire Rio team, save Henry, walking five feet behind the girl Henry was meeting for a date.

Shoot Me (What I Hated About Today)

  • Cooper Street lapped me this year: I crashed, and my front wheel exploded in two consecutive laps. 
  • Myself, like usual.

Hold Me (What I Loved About Today?)

  • It was prom night in Silver City. During one of my mechanicals, I ran straight through a couple posing together and yelled, “I’m off like a prom dress!”
  • Watching Taylor Stites, who was leading the overall, ride in the crit. He ‘fat boy climbed’ each hill and then made up about 20 spots per lap on the downhill, screaming into the apex and smoothly arcing through the inside of the 90-degree turn.
  • Tony Olson, or DS, refusing to ride outside in the heat and sunshine, but setting up his 15 year old trainer in the front yard so he could Zwift because, “You can’t get experience not riding on Zwift.” 🙃


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