What Do?

The easiest stage in the world if you don’t count the last two hours.

What Was It Like?

You know in school when you have a big project due that you’re supposed to work on all semester but only begin at 4 p.m. the night before? 


Yeah. Like that. 


Cole, I’m at 96-watt average right now. Where you at?”



~When the incentives are right, bike racing is really weird.


“Matti, what’s your favorite fruit?”

~Cole, to me, in the peloton. Like I said, when the incentives are right, bike racing is really weird.


“Alex, how was it?”

“That was the worst. No one in the breakaway spoke English. I may as well have been alone for 85 miles.”

~Alex made the breakaway for the day and spent 85 miles out the front with three other monsters who didn’t (or didn’t want to) speak English.


“Dub dub dub dub.”

~Me, on the final Mogollon climb, mimicking diesel engine noises as I passed a few fellow Rio riders. Diesel Daddy had a day (and probably my only day this year, lol). 


“That team car whipped out into the passing lane and made a motorcycle ride into the gravel shoulder to avoid a head-on.”

~The race may have been over, but a team that shall remain nameless almost made the front page of the Silver City Daily Press for all the wrong reasons. 😬


“How was yesterday’s d***ing the dog to warp speed finish?”

“Fastest last half for that stage ever, and it was guttered AF

“Guttered AF?

“Two wide peloton string out on the white line 1/4 mile long in the drops doing 400 😂”


~The second half of the race leading to the Mogollon was a nightmare.


“Thanks for making dinner for us Matti – what’s for dessert?”

“Oh dang – actually – please hold.”

(Reaches into the freezer and pulls out a thick package)”

“What’s that?”

“The people at Walmart call these Fatboys—the most ice cream it’s physically possible to stuff between two chocolate wafers. Thanks for reminding me.”

~If you want to make cyclists happy in the middle of a stage race, look no further than ice cream.


What’s going on, Henry? You look stressed.”

“I’m in this girl’s DMs and look at what I said.”

(I look). 

“Dear God, Henry.”

“I know. But she responded to that!”

“If that’s not true love I don’t know what is.”

~Henry’s side quests are going well. 


“Is today the TT?”

“No. It’s the first day. That’s the third day.”

“K! Love you. Only text me if you win.”

~I ❤️ my wife.

Shoot Me (What I Hated About Today)

  • After today’s race, I’ve decided I’d rather race sorta hard all race rather than coast for two hours and then bleed out my backside for the remaining two. 
  • really, really, really need to invest in some fast twitch fibers. I don’t think I spent more time at or near my max sprint (500 watts) since…Gila 2023.
  • At home, I buy blocks of cheese and slice it with a Norwegian ‘ostehovel‘ I bought there. It’s fast, it cuts the cheese super thin and it makes me feel like I’m in a fjord, not wherever I am now, which is, by default, worse. Well, I forgot it, so now I have to cut uneven, fat chunks off the cheese blocks that don’t melt like I want them to and make a mess. Yeah.

Hold Me (What I Loved About Today?)

  • For my Rio Grande team clothing order this year, instead of getting road racing bibs, I got gravel racing cargo bibs – Sweet Jesus, they’re amazing. I have two large pouches on either side of my legs and could probably fit a six-pack of Miller Lite in each. Kangaroos really have it figured out.
  • Not dying a thousand deaths on the Mogollon. 
  • Having two thiccccc cholula drenched egg sandwiches waiting for me at the end of the stage. Thanks past Matti!


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