What did we do today? What was it like?

Tour of the Gila stage 1: the Mogollon, which is 90 miles of downhills and rollers until the very end where we finish on a dumb steep, hot climb.  

How did I do?

I got freaking 24th, my best UCI result ever. 

But you know what else was fire? Henry York won the green jersey and my other teammate got 18th. 

After the race, Henry was interviewed by a Velonews reporter who said, “It’s nice to see Rio Grande do something.”

Yeah, it is, isn’t it?

Quote of the day

“Check yourself before you wreck yourself.”

Rolling down to the start line I paused more than stopped at an intersection and a dude leaned out of a 1992 Izuzu rodeo and put me in my place.

“How long are you pooping?”

“A long time.”

“Can I leave?”



“DADA! Let’s play I spy in the bathroom! I’ll start. I see something white TOILET PAPER”

I got some quality time with my boy after the race.







“Thanks Dada! Do you want a bunny to sleep with?”

Putting Lars to bed has become a hostage situation.

What I hated about today

Literally nothing. 

Mediocre power reveal/inner race commentary

I did nothing spectacular, but I did produce decent numbers under fatigue, which is what I constantly beat my athletes over the head with so now I’m that much closer to not being a hypocrite!

What I loved about today

Eh, where do I start?

  • Seeing Henry forced to be happy because he won something. Henry is a total baller bike racer but has the confidence of a dumpster so it was entertaining to hear him try to cut himself down in the van ride back from the end of the stage and just say, “You’re in green bro, shut up.”
  •  The family dog didn’t eat any chocolate cake or neighbor’s chickens today. 
  • I had lasagna for dinner. 
  • My tan lines are matched up to the previous lines of the last decade.
  • My wife said, “I’m having fun here.”

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