What did we do today? What was it like?

Sunset road race, which is like jumping on a treadmill going 20 mph followed by luging down a ski jump covered with land mines.  Oh, and you do it twelve times.

How did I do?

I didn’t because I got time cut the day before. 

Quote of the day

“Amp the glutes!!”

Our team rubs various creams all over our body becuase we think it makes us faster so before each stage all of us stand out in public digging deep into our bib shorts with huge handfuls of white cream.

“Rolly gang rolly gang rolly gang SHEEEEEEEEEESH”

I have no idea what it meant, but for a solid 15 minutes before the start I couldn’t get anyone to say anything but that. 

“My Mom has lots of birthdays”

Chaz, after getting more shit for not remembering his mother’s birthday.

“Dude, we was BOOLING”

James, describing the pace up the first climb.

“Wait, you have two young kids and a full time job? How do you pull that off?”

“My wife.”

A fellow Dad who chatted me up in the feed zone at the top of the climb who was definitely jealous I was sitll booling on a bike despite having kids.

What I hated about today

A couple laps in the bois were rippin’ down the back side of the circuit at 50 mph and a dude in their group lost their focus for a second, hit a bush, and caused a pileup.  Chaz missed it, in his words “I got so so luck, I braked, went left, and missed it all.  It was pure luck.”

Tayne wasn’t so lucky, lost his shifter, tacoed his wheel, and picked up some free designs from Sunset, a reknowned tatto artist. 

Alex Marr?  He pile drived back first into an electric box at 50 mph, breaking his pelvis, and T4 vertebrae. If his pelvis isn’t set he’ll have to get surgery and won’t be walking for a month or two.

When we asked him if he was OK he replied…



Mediocre power reveal/inner race commentary

I snuck out for a Z2 ride before heading up to the feed zone on the course to feed the bois. I can confirm a couple things:

  • Zone 2 feels great after a week of Z1 and Z8 only.
  • Wild donkeys exist.
What I loved about today

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