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Gravel Cycling Training Plans

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"I hate your workouts, but I gotta admit I've never been faster in my entire life."
Bill Carper

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Gravel Monuments

Sure, there are literally hundreds of Gravel races across the country, and more are added every year.  They’re all fantastic, but the most prestigious Gravel races on the Gravel Calendar are the ‘Monuments of Gravel.’

A ‘Monument’ is a reference from the road cycling world, which describes a series of really old, difficult, prestigious races that run every spring in Europe.  Maybe you’ve heard of Milan-San Remo, Paris-Roubaix, or the Tour of Flanders?

Gravel racing also has some races people consider the ‘biggies’.  They’re perceived as important because of a combination of popularity, difficulty, and origin. 

Unbound 200


The MidSouth






Oregon Trail Gravel Grinder


Crusher in the Tushar


BWR Utah


BWR N. Carolina


Spirit World 100


Gravel Worlds 150


BWR Kansas


Red Granite Grinder


General Plans

Short on time and fitness but fixin’ to throw down at a gravel race anyway?

These training plans will get you from the couch to the start line with God Legs, guaranteed.

A Year In Gravel


Time Crunched Fondo


Base to Race


Base Period


Build Period




Frequently Asked Questions

All Gravel God Cycling training plans are powered by the world’s best endurance sports app, TrainingPeaks. Accessible on any device, you can easily customize your workouts to fit your schedule.

With personalized workout intensities and progress tracking every 6-8 weeks, you’ll be race-ready in no time. Plus, sync your plan with over 100 devices and apps, including Garmin and Zwift, for real-time workout guidance.


My structured training plans are designed for self-coached athletes seeking the benefits of an expert program without a personal coach. Research indicates that following a structured plan can double your chances of reaching your goals. My plans offer motivation, progression, structure, and recovery.

Plus, if you email me, I’ll answer! 

Lol, OK. 

I’ve been racing and coaching cyclists for over a decade and my day job is teaching coaches how to coach and understand a pretty popular endurance coaching software platform. 

Sure, I’m not the fastest guy on a bike you’ll ever meet, but that’s an advantage. I’m a ‘real person’ with a job, family, and average talent that loves training and racing bikes and through trial and error I’ve gotten fast(ish!) good.

The way I see it, if I can do it, you can also.

I designed my training plans for a beginner/intermediate athlete with a 9-5 and a life.

The plans assume you have about 90 minutes to train on the weekdays with the weekends reserved for your longer days.

If you’re an advanced athlete, or a athlete with unique job/life situation, you’d likely benefit more from coaching.

All plans assume you’re medically healthy (not suffering from a chronic injury or illness) and are generally active enough to ride your bike at a steady pace for at least an hour or two.

If the above isn’t true, a custom training plan will best serve your needs.


It depends. 

My philosophy on training is producing the maximum effect with the minimum of input.  That said, I won’t sugarcoat it – training requires a time commitment. Most plans average roughly 8-12 hrs of training per week. When you factor in preparing and logistics from training, that can easily take up 20 hours of your week. 

If you want to get good at something, you have to prioritize it and spend deliberate, consistent time working at it. If you won’t see yourself doing that, don’t buy the plan and keep on doing what you’re doing!

Yes. All training plans are designed for use of power (AND heart rate!)

These days power meters and heart rate monitors combined cost less than a good pair of race wheels yet the investment in a power meter and heart rate monitor will pay off more in your fitness by a factor of 10.