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Ultra Gravel Training plans (Zwift compatible)

Choose training plans from 6-27 weeks long in beginner, intermediate, and advanced versions!

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“The plan was great! I didn’t bonk, I finished much faster than I thought I would, and thanks to the pre-race checklist I was prepared for two flats in the middle of the night!

Mike Cavanaugh

Why use my training plans?

Join hundreds of successful athletes.

Flexible, structured training for any level.

Science-backed, FUN training plans for any experience level. Get fit and have a life!

The world’s best training app.

All Gravel God training plans use TrainingPeaks for individualized zones, trackable progress, and analysis. Export the plan to your training device or virtual software like Zwift.

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If my help center and FAQs don’t answer your question I WILL!

Ultra Gravel Training plans

Three steps to get started:

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A flexible calendar, targeted training zones, rackable progress, and analysis on any device.

3. Apply the plan and start training!

Stay motivated with compliance, TrainingPeaks signature metrics, and charts.


Ultra Gravel Training Plans (Zwift Compatible)

What is TrainingPeaks software?

I created all my training plans on TrainingPeaks, which is online software to track, analyze, and plan training.

Free to use, TrainingPeaks is essentially a fancy calendar. Its Premium offering provides a suite of performance metrics, charts, and analysis tools.

Using TrainingPeaks I’ve created training plans using periodization, tailored to your threshold, and exportable to your device or virtual platform like Zwift.

Will you actually answer my questions?

Yup! Remember, my MISSION in life is to democratize endurance sports for all. I want to provide a cost-effective training solution to you through training plans and answer any questions you have so you become a gravel racer for life!

If you provide an email during checkout I will send you a series of emails that will help you get started. 

Some limits do apply, however.  If you want training plan personalization, workout analysis, frequent check-ins, and someone deeply invested in your athletic goals, what you’re looking for isn’t a training plan, you’re looking for coaching.

Which Plan Should I choose?

I offer plans from 6-27 weeks long with beginner, intermediate and advanced ability levels. If you’re not sure which one fits you, read on.

What level?

Choosing the right level is crucial to your success. 

  • If you’ve never trained before, pick beginner.
  • If you train somewhat frequently or have a background in other endurance sports, pick intermediate.
  • If this ‘isn’t your first rodeo’ and you’re a gravel veteran looking for the next level, pick advanced.

Don’t lose sleep over your choice. I can swap our your plan within 14 days after purchase if it’s too easy/hard.

What Length?

For best results, count back the weeks from your goal event and choose a plan to fill in the gap. If you have other less important races in between, you can incorporate those in as needed.

In general, longer plans start easier and progress more gradually than shorter plans. That doesn’t mean to procrastinate! Keep in mind the longer you have to prepare, the fitter you can get! Your body responds best to consistent gradual cycles of stress and recovery, which is EXACTLY how my plans are built!

Still not sure? Email me.

Can I modify the plan?

Yep! My training plans allow you to easily swap out a few days each week to suit your availability. e.g. swap out a hard solo ride for a group ride or race, etc. 

If you purchase TrainingPeaks, you can even drag and drop workouts onto different days. I provide guidelines on how to do this in my help center.

You can also train for multiple events. The build of my training plans targets an ‘A’ race, but you can always swap out some weekend rides for a ‘B’ or ‘C’ race. I show you how to do other races in the help center without compromising your preparations for your main goal.

Beginner (7-27 wks)

Train right for your first race.
3-6 hrs
per week, 4-6 workouts

  • Flexible, exportable workouts
  • Periodized, energy system based training
  • Skills lessons
  • Race Tactics
  • Nutrition strategies
  • Gravel bike recommendations
  • For as little as $5.50/wk

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Switch plans free within 14 days

Intermediate (6-27 wks)

For those who ride lots but unstructured.
5-10 hrs
per week, 4-6 workouts

  • Flexible, exportable workouts
  • Periodized, energy system based training
  • Skills Lessons
  • Race tactics
  • Nutrition Strategies
  • Gravel Bike recommendations
  • For as little as $5.50/wk

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Switch plans free within 14 days

Advanced (6-27 wks)

For seasoned veterans who want the next level.
8-15 hrs
per week, 5-8 workouts

  • Flexible, exportable workouts
  • Periodized, energy system based training
  • Advanced skills lessons
  • Next level race tactics
  • Nutrition Strategies
  • Gravel Setup Recommendations
  • For as little as $5.50/wk

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Switch plans free within 14 days
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