Why Coaching?

I'm glad you asked.

Coaching provides workouts and feedback individual to YOU that address your goals and weaknesses.

Remember when your Dad made fun of you by saying “You’re unique, just like everyone else.”?

The joke is on him.

Every athlete IS unique. We all start physically and mentally at different levels and have different strengths and weaknesses. If you want to maximize your potential as an athlete, your Plan needs to address not just the strengths and weaknesses of your physiology, but the demands of your racing or fitness goals in relation to those individual strengths and weaknesses.

K, so why don’t I just ride lots or buy a training plan?

Do it. You’ll get faster, probably.

In fact, go out and read all the books. Take courses. Ask people questions. Attend webinars. Educate yourself as much as possible. It will all help, and will probably make you faster.

That is not what I expected you to say. Where is the hard sell?

I’m not pedaling secrets. Anyone is a 2-second Google search away from a free generic training plan you can download into an excel doc.

No knowledge, no fancy algorithm, or a new sexy device will EVER better a great coach. And believe me, they’re trying.

Um, why?

Because an athlete's worst blind spot is ALWAYS themself.

What does that mean?

If you’re training correctly, you’re immersed in the training process. If you’re immersed in the process, you’re incapable of consistently seeing yourself objectively and making the optimal training decisions.

Knowledge is irrelevant. In fact, the more you know, the more likely you are to fall prey to biases, the whispers of your ego, and myopic thinking.

But I thought knowledge is power??!

Nope! Applied knowledge is power. You can have all the knowledge in the world but if you’re still on the couch then you’re no different than someone that doesn’t know anything. You’re both on the couch.

Action is what matters.

So action informed by knowledge is all I need?

Yep!  There’s just one small detail that’s worth keeping in mind.

You are not a robot.

You’re human. You know how I know? Easy, answer these questions:

  1. You should probably save up for an emergency fund. So why don’t you?
  2. You should probably eat less sugar. So why don’t you?
  3. You should probably stop procrastinating. So why don’t you?
  4. You should probably call your Mom. So why don’t you?

Robots receive a command and execute actions based on a protocol. People know what to do and go do something else.

here is the deal

Your Excel spreadsheet of workouts won’t talk back to you. You’re alive, remember, and in life…

  • You miss workouts.
  • You get sick.
  • You get in fights with your significant other.
  • Work suffocates you.
  • You get injured.
  • Your ego tempts you to go too hard.
  • You start going keto 3 days before your most important race.
  • You forget important things, like your bike.
  • ad infinitum

Some or all of the above WILL happen

When it does, what will your spreadsheet say? Exactly.

THAT is why you need a coach. Your training doesn’t occur in a vacuum, it occurs in Life, and there’s not enough of you to consistently deal with everything Life throws at you and train well.

So what does coaching provide?

Coaching provides knowledge, accountability, perspective, and, most of all, caring.

Notice that last part? The most important aspect of an athlete/coach relationship is caring. Caring about an athlete, in the end, transcends just supporting their athletic goals into supporting all of their aspirations as it pertains to their Life’s Vision.

That's like, heady man.

I agree.  That’s why it’s worth the investment.

Soooo…brass tacks, what do I get with coaching?

I figure out your strengths and weakness on the bike, compare them to the demands of your goals, and tailor a training plan to YOU.

Every week I tell you what was good, bad, and what’s ahead in your training.

I use WKO to model your power duration curve so I can see week by week if you’re improving. 

I’ll summarize the week, explain the week ahead, and make any necessary adjustments.

We’ll actually talk about how the month went, what’s coming up, and discuss other small details like how you’re doing because building a relationship is actually important.

Not sure what to eat, what technical skills to work on, or how to lift? I’ll help you with that.

I use Best Bike Split to give you the best pacing strategy on race day, including nutrition protocols and equipment recommendations.

Is Coaching for Me?

I’ve helped lots of people get fast on the bike. I’m not a wizard though.

Paying me money for coaching doesn’t guarantee results. Get a coach a few beers in and they’ll say…

Some athletes pay a coach just to feel like they're doing something.

Meaningful change takes time and at the end of the day depends on the coach athlete relationship, but most of all action.

Improving is simple, but it’s not easy.

Life will come up, progress will stall, and you’ll want to quit. Becoming what you could be is hard work.

You may need to change the priorities of your Life to achieve your goals. You may need to give up habits that aren’t serving you that you enjoy.

I may have to give you feedback you don’t want to hear. Sorry – that’s my job.

This is all to say, if you don’t really want to change, don’t apply.

You know that proverb about the horse and the water? Yeah – I can’t make you drink.

I can’t do the work for you, I can’t help you with things that are getting in the way of your goals if you don’t tell me about them, and I can’t give you motivation.

I’m also not a miracle worker. I can’t turn you from a couch potato into an Olympian in three weeks. I’ll repeat what I said a few paragraphs back – meaningful change takes time. If your success or failure depends on results within an arbitrary timeline rather than a deliberate process you’ll never become what you could be.

Who I work with

  • Anyone 13 years of age or older. If you’re younger than that, just go out and have fun on your bike. Burnout is a thing.
  • Has a bike, a heart rate monitor, and ideally a power meter.
  • Must be willing to upload their workout files, leave comments, and regularly communicate.
  • Natural. If you want to dope, I’m not your guy.
  • No major injuries or illnesses. I’m not a doc, therapist, or injury specialist. I can help you get fast on a bike though.

If you’re reading this and think "if you’re a bird I’m a bird."

Then fill out the application below:

What happens after I apply?

  1. I read your onboarding form to see if we’re a good fit.
  2. If I think you are, I send you information on coaching and some of my ground rules.
  3. If you agree, I’ll send you my coaching packages with all the relevant info.
  4. You choose a package, sign some forms, and pay.
  5. I build your program in TrainingPeaks.
  6. We begin.