how much better can you get?

Here’s God’s honest truth – I have no idea. Here’s why:

unique snowflake

People tend to fall into different groups: responders and non-responders.  

Group A: Responders

Group B: Non-responders*

But! But! But! But! But!

In my 7 years of coaching cyclists, athletes improve between 10-25% over their initial testing values. I know what you’re thinking:

"At most it's 25%? THAT'S IT???? Freaking Macy's gives me 40% off on Black Friday. What kind of coaching outfit are you running?"

Remember Lance Armstrong?

Forget protein shakes, Good Ol’ Lancey’s favorite performance booster was Blood Doping!  How much does blood doping improve performance?

Don't Believe me? Here's an example:

Meet the Great Dane:

  • Normal person
  • Likes bikes.
  • Has job.
  • Wears pants.
  • Driven.
  • In it for the long term.
  • Growth mindset.
  • Insanely funny.
  • Open minded.

Here's how much he improved:





The Great Dane improved 13%, or ~2 🩸 bags.

that could be you

Ready? Let's find out what you've got.

Step 1: Apply for Coaching

Choose the coaching package that suits your needs best and fill out the athlete intake form. I'll review it within 24 hours and if we're a good fit we'll begin.

Step 2: Plan for world domination

I take your goals, testing results, and goal event demands to develop a plan perfect for you. I add the plan to your TrainingPeaks athlete account in month-long blocks. Then it's your turn.

Step 3: Immediate Feedback

I provide feedback on your completed workouts - the good, the bad, and the ugly - and adjust your training as necessary. More importantly, I keep an eye on what you can't see because you're too immersed in the process - your blindspots.

Step 4: Achieve

I'll own the big picture, which you'll forget. Sure, I'll let you know when you nail a workout or your FTP increases, but most of all I'll push you to nail the training process. Once you master that, results take care of themselves.