how much better can you get?

Here’s God’s honest truth – I have no idea. Here’s why:

unique snowflake

People tend to fall into different groups: responders and non-responders.  

Group A: Responders

Group B: Non-responders*

But! But! But! But! But!

In my 7 years of coaching cyclists, athletes improve between 10-25% over their initial testing values. I know what you’re thinking:

"At most it's 25%? THAT'S IT???? Freaking Macy's gives me 40% off on Black Friday. What kind of coaching outfit are you running?"

Athlete who has no idea how much 10-25% is.

Remember Lance Armstrong?

Forget protein shakes, Good Ol’ Lancey’s favorite performance booster was Blood Doping!  How much does blood doping improve performance?

Don't Believe me? Here's an example:

Meet the Great Dane:

  • Normal person
  • Likes bikes.
  • Has job.
  • Wears pants.
  • Driven.
  • In it for the long term.
  • Growth mindset.
  • Insanely funny.
  • Open minded.

Here's how much he improved:





The Great Dane improved 13%, or ~2 🩸 bags.

that could be you

Ready? Let's find out what you've got.

Step 1: Apply for Coaching

Choose the coaching package that suits your needs best and fill out the athlete intake form. I'll review it within 24 hours and if we're a good fit we'll begin.

Step 2: Plan for world domination

I take your goals, testing results, and goal event demands to develop a plan perfect for you. I add the plan to your TrainingPeaks athlete account in month-long blocks. Then it's your turn.

Step 3: Immediate Feedback

I provide feedback on your completed workouts - the good, the bad, and the ugly - and adjust your training as necessary. More importantly, I keep an eye on what you can't see because you're too immersed in the process - your blindspots.

Step 4: Achieve

I'll own the big picture, which you'll forget. Sure, I'll let you know when you nail a workout or your FTP increases, but most of all I'll push you to nail the training process. Once you master that, results take care of themselves.