Custom Training Plans Built for your race and your life.

Signing up for the race is the easy part – now you have to get fit. 


...Coaching is:

...and Regular Training Plans are:

Thank God I was born because I have a solution for you!

Custom Training Plan

$ 13 Per Week
  • TrainingPeaks Athlete Account
  • Power/Heart Rate-based training plan
  • Fit to your availability
  • Fit your fitness level
  • Email Support
  • 2 Adjustments

Here's how it works:

Step 1: Fill out the athlete questionnaire

Tell me about your event, your goal, your training background, your strengths and weaknesses, and your preferred schedule.

Step 2: Plan for world domination

I take your goals, testing results, and goal event demands to develop a plan perfect for you. I add the plan to your TrainingPeaks athlete account.

Step 3: Start Training

With your training plan all planned out in TrainingPeaks you're ready to go. I'm always a resource if you want to ask me questions about the plan.