Dopamine chemical formula

How to Manage Dopamine to be a Better Cyclist

Dopamine is a neuromodulator, which means that it affects many neurons in your nervous system. Dopamine influences neural circuits involved in pleasure, motivation, craving, movement, and even your perception of time. Dopamine works across two pathways in your brain – the mesocortical limbic pathway and the nigrostriatal pathway. The neuroscientist jargon here isn’t necessary; it’s …

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The Tao of Tom

We hadn’t even cleared the train tracks in Northfield, NM, and already Tom was lagging. It was a Tuesday, which meant it was an easy distance 90-minute rollerski.   Quickly, we self-assorted into small groups of skiers. I pushed the pace out of Northfield and into the long, undulating, chip-sealed roads that plunged into vast cornfields. …

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